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Arriving at Masyaf, Altair located the villagers within the a trance, saying Al Mualim got “added [them] on light”

Arriving at Masyaf, Altair located the villagers within the a trance, saying Al Mualim got “added [them] on light”

Retaking from Masyaf

Al Mualim: “Thus. brand new pupil production.” Altair: “I have not ever been one to run.” Al Mualim: “Not ever been one listen either.” -Al Mualim confronting Altair at the Masyaf fortress, 1191. [src] -[m]

Progressing within the mountain with the fortress, Altair came across a team of hypnotized Assassins exactly who, curved as they were to Al Mualim’s often, attacked him. Kept without almost every other solution, Altair engaged all of them inside battle, and been able to slay them all. However, a different wave off Assassins registered this new fray, greatly outnumbering and you may threatening so you’re able to overwhelm your.

Luckily, Malik and lots of unchanged Assassins showed up and aided Altair by the tossing knives at the their attackers, killing some and you can inducing the other individuals to escape. Interviewing Malik, Altair expected he disturb the brand new hypnotized Assassins beyond your fortress, granting sexy Italiensk jenter access to Al Mualim, and you will warned your to end eliminating all of them whenever possible as their brains weren’t their own. Agreeing so you can his consult, Malik along with his guys remaining Altair towards the task out-of infiltrating new fortress.

Wanting his Master on fortress backyard referred to as “Paradise”, Altair discover himself stuck and you may bound by the Apple’s stamina. Viewing Al Mualim towards the an effective balcony over, the guy demanded an explanation. Al Mualim next found he previously used the Fruit to get rid of new Crusades by removing its leaders. He had as well as taken power over the latest brains of the people to get to its behavior, ensuring absolute tranquility.

Al Mualim upcoming used the electricity of the Fruit to manufacture illusions of one’s 9 Templars Altair had slain. Shortly after conquering all of them, Altair was previously again limited by the newest Apple’s electricity and you can Al Mualim faced him privately, performing several copies regarding himself to assist in his fight. Facing so it 2nd fantasy, Altair went on the defensive, hitting them as they attacked one after the other.

Once the Altair finally singled their Grasp out, Al Mualim sure him again. He explained you to definitely regardless if the guy wanted comfort eg Robert, the guy wished new Fruit getting themselves, and thus the newest Templar wanted to pass away. He and explained which he had tried to use the Apple to force Altair towards the behavior, but unsuccessful due to Altair’s intellectual electricity.

When Altair shouted which is not best, Al Mualim sighed into the dissatisfaction, seeing that he assist feeling control logic

Al Mualim also shown the way the Piece of Heaven managed to do all of the amazing things in the stories, mythology and you may stories: they certainly were all the illusions made real. When Altair said that their want to create another Business Acquisition was a new illusion as well, Al Mualim countered from the claiming it’s really no faster an illusion than simply the community is starting to become: a scene in which some one sle regarding “craven gods” who quit the nation eons in the past which he is only providing the folks a much better illusion with no bloodshed. Altair asserted that at the very least the folks choose to trust such gods, however, Al Mualim countered your periodic convert or heretic manage maybe not agree.

Al Mualim eventually noticed that that they had arrived at a keen impasse; he’d not give in the plan, Altair won’t sign up your willingly, and then he could not compel this new Assassin to check out him. Sighing which he carry out skip Altair, Al Mualim ended brand new Apple’s hang on Altair, received their sword, and he and Altair involved with a final duel on the demise.

Just after a lengthy battle, Altair been able to defeat his Learn and you will mortally injury him having their Invisible Blade. After Al Mualim uttered their history terms and conditions, challenging Altair’s electricity regarding reputation and you may capability to destroy the Apple, the fresh Piece of Paradise rolling away from his inactive hand and activated.

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